Research Team

(ARCOS) research group staff is composed of 9 PhDs, 9 PhD students, and 3 adjunct professors. This team has a large experience in the fields treated in the project, acquired during the development of different projects financed by public entities, and in collaboration with several companies.

Research Team
Jesús Carretero Pérez
Félix García Carballeira
Associate professors
Alejandro Calderón Mateos
David Expósito Singh
Javier Fernández Muñoz
José Daniel García Sánchez
Florin Isaila
Visiting Scholars
Maria-Cristina Marinescu
Teaching Assistants
Borja Bergua Guerra
María Soledad Escolar Díaz
Rosa Filgueira Vicente
Francisco Javier García Blas
Alberto Núñez Covarrubias
Laura Prada Camacho
Luis Miguel Sánchez García
PhD students
Daniel Higuero Alonso-Mardones
Rubén Saá Álvarez
Juan Manuel Tirado Martín
Adjunct Professors
Fernando Félix Redondo
José Manuel Pérez Lobato
María Gregoria Casares
Carlos Gómez Carrasco
José Miguel Colmena
Alberto Garcia Fernandez
Research Assistant
Oscar Pérez Alonso