Ubiquitous and pervasive Web: services and architectures

6 June, 2016

Título:Ubiquitous and pervasive Web: services and architectures
Riccardo Lancellotti
University of Modena e Reggio Emilia
Fecha impartición: Abril de 2007.
Duración: 10 horas.


The evolution of network-based services will be characterized by mobile users accessing highly complex, multimedia-oriented and personalized services. Access to content, information and services will be tailored to the client device, the user preferences and its context. The so-called social-networking services represent an example of the next generation of network-based services.

The course will provide a description of possible future scenarios, describing the currently available services and outlining their possible evolution. Furthermore, the course will discuss how this evolution is likely to impact on the server infrastructure. To this aim we will present several systems and architectures proposed by industry and in scientific literature, describing their characteristics and heir performance. We will discuss how these proposal can address the need of next generation network-based services.