Grid Computing for Data Intensive Applications

6 June, 2016

Título:Grid Computing for Data Intensive Applications
Dr. Heinz Stockinger
CERN, European Organization for Nuclear Research
Ginebra, Suiza
15 a 17 Marzo de 2004
Horario: de 16 a 20 horas.
Aula de audiovisuales. Biblioteca. Planta sótano
Duración: 10 horas.
Lugar: Escuela Politécnica Superior Universidad Carlos III. Leganés, Madrid
Material del seminario:

Breve biografía del autor:

Dr. Heinz Stockinger holds a Ph.D. in ‘Computer Science and Business Administration’ from the University of Vienna, Austria. He has a Fellow position at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research, Geneva, Switzerland) where he is working in the EU DataGrid (EDG) project. His research interest is Grid Computing and in particular data management in Data Grids. In the EUDataGrid project he is responsible for replication software. In addition, he is EDG’s Education & Outreach Manager and thus teaching of Grid Computing.

In the last few years Grid computing has become very popular in several communities in research as well is in industry and commerce. Whereas classical Computing Grids deal with CPU intensive applications, Data Grids are suitable to deal with large amounts of data and thus can support data intensive applications.

The seminar covers several aspects of Grid computing, provides a basic introduction to Data Grids and state of the art in this research domain. Emphasis will be put on typical data management problems of data intensive applications and how there are approached in currently existing Grid systems. As an example Grid, there is a focus on the European DataGrid project with its current software systems.

Additional topics will cover specific middleware issues in job submission, data management, information systems as well as on DataGrid’s security architecture. The seminar closes with a short outlook into the future of Grid technologies.


*Introduction to Grid Computing

*The European DataGrid Project and Other Grid Projects in Europe

*Grid Architecture and Services

*Data and Replica Management

*Selected Topics on Grid Services


Students attending the seminar should have a basic knowledge of:

-the Unix/Linux operation system

-distributed computing