Cloud Computing challenges: from a developer to a provider point of view

6 June, 2016

Developing an application that consumes resources from Cloud providers
is a challenge as a variety of tools and API are currently available,
most of them leading to a vendor lock-in of the developed application.
To avoid this problem several considerable efforts are devoted by researchers and companies.
Focus will be put on current solutions to overcome this status.

The presentation will include:

  1. generalities about Cloud computing (see for example [1])
  2. a training in mOSAIC technologies (see for example [2,3])
  3. overview of on-going activities on Cloud Computing in European Commission projects
    (see for example [4,5]), with accent on model-driven engineering & Clouds (MODAClouds [6])
  4. hints about the technologies at the provider side: scheduling and auto-scaling (AMICAS [7])

Useful links:

  1. Lecture about Cloud computing (
  2. Portability tutorial (http://%20http//
  3. mOSAIC developers (
  4. Cloud computing in ERA (
  5. Advances in Clouds (
  6. MODAClouds (
  7. AMICAS (