Propuestas arquitectónicas para servidores Web distribuidos con replicas parciales

1 June, 2016


In this thesis a new Web server distributed architecture is proposed. The proposed architecture is based on the usage of a distributed switch and the partial replication of contents, in such a way that a high scalability can be achieved regarding managed data volume and without a reliability loss of the resulting system. Besides, content allocation may be adapted to service needs. The proposals presented in this thesis include:
A new family of architecture solutions based on a Web cluster with distributed switch which satisfies the goals of partial replication and dynamic replica distribution reducing the reliability weaknesses.
A replica allocation algorithm making the highly accessed elements to be replicated in more server nodes than the lowly accessed elements.
A dynamic content replication strategy which allows to determine when content redistribution is needed and how this redistribution must be performed.
The adaptation of three request dispatching policies to the case of partial content replication: round robin dispatching, less loaded node dispatching and locality aware request distribution dispatching (LARD).
Evaluations have proved that the reliability of a cluster based Web system is limited by its Web switch reliability. In the same way, this thesis shows that a partial replication based system using a relatively low number of replicas offers an equivalent reliability to that of a system based on full replication, while its storage capacity is much higher. Besides, partial replication does not affect in a negative way to the global system performance.


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