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What is iCanCloud?

iCanCloud is a simulation platform aimed to model and simulate cloud computing systems, which is targeted to those users who deal closely with those kinds of systems. The main objective of iCanCloud is to predict the trade-offs between cost and performance of a given set of applications executed in a specific hardware, and then provide to users useful information about such costs. However, iCanCloud can be used by a wide range of users, from basic active users to developers of large distributed applications.


The most remarkable features of the iCanCloud simulation platform include the following:

  • Both existing and non-existing cloud computing architectures can be modeled and simulated.

  • A flexible cloud hypervisor module provides an easy method for integrating and testing both new and existent cloud brokering policies.

  • iCanCloud provides methods for obtaining the energy consumption of each hardware component in cloud computing systems.

  • Users are able to design and model resource provisioning policies for cloud systems to balance the trade-offs between performance and energy consumption. Since energy consumption in large distributed systems is directly correlated with the management of resources, it is a major requirement to let users customize their own policies to analyze the impact of energy consumption on the overall system performance.

  • Customizable VMs can be used to quickly simulate uni-core/multi-core systems.

  • iCanCloud provides a wide range of configurations for storage systems, which include models for local storage systems, remote storage systems, like NFS, and parallel storage systems, like parallel file systems and RAID systems.

  • iCanCloud provides a user-friendly GUI to ease the generation and customization of large distributed models. This GUI is especially useful for: managing a repository of pre-configured VMs, managing a repository of pre-configured Cloud systems, managing a repository of pre-configured experiments, launching experiments from the GUI, and generating graphical reports.

  • iCanCloud provides a POSIX-based API and an adapted MPI library for modelling and simulating applications. Also, several methods for modelling applications can be used in iCanCloud: using traces of real applications; using a state graph; and programming new applications directly in the simulation platform.

  • New components can be added to the repository of iCanCloud to increase the functionality of the simulation platform.