Invited Talks

  • COST ICT Annual Progress Conference. April 23-25 2014, Kosice, Slovakia. IC1305 Poster and IC1305 report  IC1305 – Report.
  • NESUS presentation at C4Bio/CCGrid 2014. May 2014. USA. – CCGRID-2014-NESUS-Presentation
  • Workshop for e-infrastructure services for society, Timisoara, 28 July 2014. Presentation of NESUS by Dana Petcu. Link.
  • NESUS presentation at Cloudnet 2014. Industrial Session September 2014. Luxembourg.  Link.
  • Supercomputing 2014. USA. Presentation of NESUS at INRIA Boot by Anne C. Elster and Laurent Lefevre. October 2014.
  • EuroMPI/ASIA 2014, Japan. Keynote speech by Jesus Carretero. September 2014. Link.
  • SBAC-PAD 2014. France. Presentation of NESUS by Leonel Sousa. Link.
  • PDP 2015. Findland. Keynote speech by Jesus Carretero. January 2015. Link.
  • HiPEAC 2015 Conference. Amsterdam. Presentation of the COST Action in the Poster Session. January 2015. Link.
  • HPC-E5 workshop at SYNASC 2015, Timisoara, 23 September 2015. Presentation of NESUS by Dana Petcu. Link.
  • Workshop on HPC Collaboration Between Europe and Latin America. ISC-HPC Conference 2015. Keynote speech by Jesus Carretero. Link.
  • Russian Supercomputing Days Conference 2015. Keynote speech by Jesus Carretero. LinkPhotos1  Photos2
  • 8th IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing Technology and Science (CloudCom 2016) Industrial session presentation.
  • EXDCI. European HPC Summit 2016.  PragueProf. Thomas Fahringer.
  • The 16th International Symposium on  Parallel and Distributed Computing  (ISPDC-2017). Innsbruck. Jesus Carretero.