Project Activities


Activity 1: Project Management

The main objetive of this task is to plan, monitor progress and supply project reports.

Activity 2: Technical Requirements and Support to the AS4 and the SMP Implementation.

This activity will develop all the preparatory tasks for the technical implementation of the AS4 and the SMP in all e-delivery implementations of the consortium. It will prepare the support documents and the guidance about how to proceed with the tests and validation. During the whole activity, the technical manager will guide the technicians of the entities on the configuration of the AS4 server and the associated communication protocol based on the e-SENS/PEPPOL profile, with the SMP implementation. The activity extends from the initial steps to the last testing stage, in order to obtain all necessary evidences about the successful go-live of the implemented solutions and to refine and optimize those aspects detected in the development and testing process that could be enhanced from the initial architecture designed.

Activity 3: Activity 3: AS4 and SMP Implementation and Integration.

This activity aims at setting up the AS4 and SMP for 6 Acess Points (BIZbrains, EDICOM, Aksesspunkt, Officient, eConnect, Unimaze). Each Access Point will carry out their implementation separately. This activity for each Access Points includes:

  • The installation of the software (based on Open Source) in the production environment.
  • The successful passing of conformance tests from either a well-recognised conformance/interoperability testing organisation or from the conformance testing service offered by the eDelivery Core Service Platform.
  • The confirmed connectivity to a Service Metadata Publisher (SMP) and Service Metadata Locator (SML).
  • The operation of the access points and the SMP for one year.

Activity 4: Project Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation.

This activity will prepare and execute action plans for the dissemination and the exploitation of the project results at European level and from both the consortium and each entity perspective.