If some technology has defined my career as engineer and academic, definitely that is the C++ programming language. I was introduced to C++ in 1989. Since them most of my activities have been somehow related to that language.

Standards involvement

Since 2008, I am an active member of the ISO C++ standards committee. You may find more about that here.


I regularly organize a national event on C++ hosted at my university. If you want to know more about that, please visit the using std::cpp site.


Most of my current research activities are related to the C++ programming language. One of the driving forces for me is establishing the proper balance between performance and maintainability of software systems. You may find more information about this in the REPARA and RePhrase projects.

Industry cooperation

I keep links with industrial partners both at the national and international levels. Cooperation here has to specific goals:

  • Improve skills of developers and keep them up to date in relationship with the C++ language. I have given in-house courses in several companies to experienced developers to ease their transition to C++11 and C++14.
  • Help to improve applications characteristics with a focus on performance and software quality. I have participated in collaborations to improve performance of sequential code, as well as to parallelize  applications in homogeneous and heterogenenous parallel platforms.