Improving performance and maintainability through refactoring in C++11/14

An experience with fluidanimate application

This week a gave a talk at the ACCU Conference about C++ and performance. I was fortunate that many people attended the talk and got interesting questions, that convinced me that the route of refactoring for performance and refactoring for parallelism is an interesting path both from the academic and the industrial perspectives.

So if you think that low level always gives better performance than abstract high-level, or that C should always be faster than C++, my slides might give you a different perspective. But above all, if you are concerned about maintainability (software uses to outlives hardware) I suggest you to consider my thoughts.

The talk may be seen in YouTube.

Here are the slides I used.


You might also be interested in reading a paper that I co-authored with Bjarne Stroustrup and that is available at

And, of course, please have a look to our current European Projects:

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