About J. Daniel Garcia


I am J. Daniel Garcia, a Full Professor in Computer Science at the Computer Science and Engineering Department of University Carlos III of Madrid.


I am a member of the ARCOS research group mostly related to parallel and distributed systems. My work is within the research line of Programming Models for Applications Improvement (making faster and/or more energy efficient applications while balancing software maintenance).


I am an active member of the ISO C++ standards committee, where I represent AENOR, the Spanish National Standards Body. At the national level I chair the C++ standards committee and the subcommittee on Programming Languages, their environments and systems software interfaces. You may see more about my activity on C++ standardization here.

Teaching Activities

I usually teach the Computer Architecture course in the Computer Science and Engineering Degree. Depending on the year you will find me teaching it in English (most of the time) or Spanish (seldom). I also teach other undergraduate related courses (e.g. Operating Systems, Operating Systems Design, Distributed Systems, …).