Jesús Carretero

Computer Architecture Group

Research Lines

High-performance computing systems.

Techniques for high performance computing, including parallelism, trying to respond to numerous problems for Science and Engineering, which require processing of large quantities of numerical data, reducing resolution times, and allowing the treatment of more complex problems.

  • Cluster & Cloud Computing. High Performance I/O Computing. Ultrascale Computing. Performance evaluation.
  • Tools developed:

Real-time systems, maintenance and simulation of industrial systems.

Techniques for applications that require a time critical management and systems where variable-tiempo is important. These applications are very useful in avionics, control of vehicular traffic, digital video systems, industry monitoring systems and many others.

  • Simulation tools. Industrial Maintenance Optimization. Software for Real-Time (Critical) Systems.
  • Tools developed:

Internet of things and big data.

Techniques for applications that require the capture, analysis, and massive distribution of data, with emphasis on IoT and cloud computing application.

  • Tools developed:
    • MDA for wireless networks software. OSAL.
    • Massive data distribution: HIDDRA
    • NECRA “Nuevos escenarios clínicos con radiología avanzada”. NECRA.

Computational linguistics.

Techniques to develop spellers and digital tools for languages, with emphasis on Spanish and endangered languages in Mexico.

  •  Tools developed:
    • COES system. Tools for Spanish language processing.
    •  NENEK, an environment with tools for Huastec language processing.


See publications for dissemination results related to the research lines.

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