Govein project: comparative study of e-invoicing in 4 EU countries


Agreement number: INEA/CEF/ICT/A2015/1129678

Action No: 2015-eu-IA.0058

Start date: 01/10/2016.   Duration: 13 months


As part of their contributions to the Govein Project, the research group ARCOS of University Carlos III de Madrid has participated in the elaboration of a comparative study in several EU countries related to e-invoice. In this post you may find a comparative study for 4 EU countries. 

The main objectives of this report  have been to know the current situation of e-invoice in 4 countries: Portugal, Luxembourg, Lithuania and Poland. More specifically, the report shows the actual situation of e-invoice in those countries, legal requirements, technical requirements and data format and interoperability requirements.

Report can be seen here:  govein-comparative-study


Full information about the Govien project can be seen at the project web page: