Bachelor in Informatics Engineering

  • Computer Architecture

The goal of this course is to achieve that students know the basic concepts related to computer architecture and the impact that these concepts have on the performance of applications and computer systems.

  • Computer Structure

The basic concepts of this course are: organization and structure of a computer; data representation; basic arithmetic; execution of instructions; assembly programming; main memory; cache memory; virtual memory; input/output systems.

  • Operating Systems

The goal of the course is to allow the student knowing the functioning of the operating system as a expanded machine, its services for the system and its components, the major entities (processes, memory, files, etc.), concurrency, and the relations of the operating systems with the SW and HW of the computer.

  • Distributed Systems

The main objective of the course is to describe the main concepts needed for designing and developing distributed systems and applications.


Master in Computer Engineering

  • High Performance Computing


Máster Universitario en Ciencia y Tecnología Informática

  • Sistemas de computación Avanzados