Research Lines

Large-scale I/O Research

Design, implement and evaluate a decentralized file cache hierarchy for PetaFLOP architectures. Multiple-level data staging for PetaFLOP architectures: write-back and prefetching.
Study decentralized I/O coordination strategies for improving resource utilization in PetaFLOP architectures. Insights for future Exascale architectures.

Parallel I/O Middlewares Research

Design, implement and evaluate generic multiple-level parallel I/O staging algorithms. Leverage data locality for optimal communication in collective I/O.
View-based non-contiguous I/O optimizations.

Parallel File Systems Research

Generic data layouts for parallel files based on multi-dimensional data distribution algorithms from parallelizing compilers.
File system-level generalized file views.

File-system-level collective I/O (two-phase I/O and server-directed I/O). File-system-level integration and study of cooperative caching and collective I/O. Elastic distributed file system partitions.
Fault-tolerant models for parallel file systems.
Study decentralized parallel I/O scheduling in parallel file systems.
Novel MPI-IO implementation for Clusterfile and GPFS.