Dr. Javier Garcia Blas

Dr. Javier Garcia-Blas has been a teaching and research assistant at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain) since 2005. He received the MS degree in Computer Science in 2007 at the University Carlos III of Madrid. He also received a PhD with honors in Computer Science from at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid  in 2010. He has cooperated in several projects with researchers from various high performance research institutions including HLRS (founded by HPC-Europe program), DKRZ, and Argonne National Laboratory.

His research fields include topics like parallel I/O, mobile cloud computing, energy efficient infrastructures, and accelerators for high-performance platforms such as Intel Xeon Phi and GPGPUs. He has participated and leaded several national and international research projects in these areas, founded by Madrid Regional Government, Spanish Education Ministry and the European union. He is currently involved in two European projects: the IC1305 COST Action "Network for Sustainable Ultrascale Computing Systems (NESUS)" and in the FP7 program REPARA "Reengineering and Enabling Performance And poweR of Applications".

He has participated actively in many conference organization committees, and in the last three years he has been Program Chair of EuroMPI 2013, C4Bio 2014, ESAA 2014, and CCGrid-Life 2015.  He has participated as program committee member of 40 conferences and workshops. He counts with 42 research publications in international journals and conferences.