Active Projects

  • CLARISSE: Cross-Layer Abstractions and Run-time for I/O Software Stack of Extreme-scale systems
    CLARISSE is a project financed by European Comission (FP7) designing cross-layer mechanisms for the the I/O software stack of large-scale HPC platforms aiming to facilitate performance optimizations, programmability, and extendability (in collaboration with Argonne National Laboratory).
  • Parallel ARCOS
    I am coordinating Parallel ARCOS, a group of researchers from ARCOS investigating on High Performance Computing and Parallel I/O for large-scale distributed memory supercomputing architectures. The aim is to provide a collaborative environment that propitiates cross-fertilization of ideas among researchers working in affine topics. The main research themes are: parallel I/O scheduling, auto-tuning of the HPC I/O stack, malleable HPC computing, energy efficiency, massively parallel applications, communication optimizations.
  • Decaf: High-Performance Decoupling of Tightly Coupled Flows
    Decaf is a collaborative project (Argonne and Sandia National Laboratories) investigating novel techniques of decoupling scientific workflows based on a three layer stack (a transport layer, a dataflow model, and a data description layer) and cross-layer resilience. I am involved in supporting the dataflow model through multiple-layer coordinated data staging techniques.
  • Locality-aware scheduling in Swift workflows
    Swift is a system for the rapid and reliable specification, execution, and management of large-scale science and engineering workflows. In this project we are investigating novel techniques of improving the performance of workflows by trade-offs between data locality and load balance (in collaboration with Argonne National Laboratory).
  • ETP4HPC: European Technology Platform for High Performance Computing.
    I am an Associate Member in ETP4HPC.
  • Joint Laboratory for Extreme-Scale Computing.
    I am actively participating in the Joint Laboratory for Extreme-Scale Computing (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, INRIA, the French national computer science institute, Argonne National Laboratory, Barcelona Supercomputing Center, J├╝lich Supercomputing Centre and the Riken Advanced Institute for Computational Science.)
  • NESUS: Network for Sustainable Ultrascale Computing (COST action)
    I am Management Committe Substitute for Spain in the NESUS COST action.
  • HIPEAC: European Network of Excellence on High Performance and Embedded Architecture and Compilation
    I am HIPEAC member.

Closed Projects

  • ADAPTIT: Adaptive prediction and control of data distribution in Internet service infrastructures.
    ADAPTIT aims to explore the benefits of leveraging access patterns and workload history in predicting the load and organizing content in Internet service infrastructures in order to achieve high resource utilization, locality, and elasticity.
  • Design and implementation of a hierarchical caching architecture for large-scale HPC infrastructures
    This project investigates a multi-level hierarchy for improving the performance of asynchronous I/O on large-scale HPC architectures (in collaboration with Argonne National Laboratory)
  • AHPIOS: An Ad-Hoc Parallel Input/Output System
    AHPIOS develops an on-demand elastic parallel I/O system for improving the storage I/O performance of parallel HPC applications (in collaboration with Northwestern University).
  • OSAL: Operating Systems Abstractions for Wireless Sensor Networks.
    This project addresses the problem of defining generic and portable architectures for operating systems of Wireless Sensor Networks.
  • Clusterfile: A parallel file sytem for clusters.
    Clusterfile parallel file system that leverages parallelizing compilers techniques for offering flexible high-performance access for common scientific patterns such as multi-dimentional arrays. Clusterfile is the first system to integrate cooperative caching, collective I/O, and flexible logical and physical data partitioning in novel high performance parallel I/O access techniques.