• Why use EpiGraph?. The use of EpiGraph in interesting from two different perspectives. First, it can be used by epidemiologist to perform large-scale simulations of influenza and COVID-19 propagation. Second, it can be used as a parallel benchmark to evaluate new architectures or optimization techniques. From the computational perspective, EpiGraph is a network I/O bound application written in C language and implemented on MPI. Internally, EpiGraph performs irregular memory access patterns related to sparse matrices used to model the individual interactions.
  • How to cite EpiGraph?. If you are using EpiGraph and you want to cite it, please, cite the following reference: Gonzalo Martin, David E. Singh, Maria-Cristina Marinescu and Jesus Carretero. Towards efficient large scale epidemiological simulations in EpiGraph. Parallel Computing. Vol. 42, No. 0, Pages: 88-102. 2015.

EpiGraph’s source code will be available soon.