Cross-Layer Abstractions and Run-time for I/O Software Stack of Extreme-scale systems


Currently, the I/O software stack of high-performance computing platforms consists of independently developed layers (scientific libraries, middlewares, I/O forwarding, parallel file systems), lacking global coordination mechanisms. This uncoordinated development model negatively impacts the performance of both independent and ensembles of applications relying on the I/O stack for data access. The CLARISSE project is designing cross-layer mechanisms for the the I/O software stack aiming to facilitate performance optimizations, programmability, and extendability.

Research Objectives:

  • To investigate, design and implement control mechanisms for cross-layer dissemination of application hints, run-time feedback, notifications, and shipping of I/O functionality throughout the I/O software stack.
  • To explore algorithms and to design and implement mechanisms and policies for the adaptive control of the storage I/O data path in order to improve the I/O software stack scalability and resilience.
  • To study and develop techniques for exposing and exploiting data locality throughout the I/O software stack in order to reduce the storage I/O traffic and improve the performance.