David E. Singh

Associate Professor - Profesor Titular de Universidad

This home page includes information about my research as well as a complete list of publications, reports and disertations. My current research lines include:

Performance optimization of parallel applications: leverage of runtime monitoring for optimization techniques of HPC applications on clusters and clouds. These techniques include: data reordering for improving the performance on shared memory architectures, providing malleability capacities to MPI parallel applications and reducing the communication overhead by means of compression.

  • High performance I/O: improving the efficiency of parallel I/O by means of locality-aware techniques.
  • Parallel algorithm design and implementation: my current project is the developement of EpiGraph, a parallel simulator for modelling the propagation of influenza. I also was involved in the parallelization of the Sulphur Transport Eulerian Model 2 (STEM-II) simulator and the developtment of parallel image processing techniques.

I am reviewer of the following journals: Journal of Supercomputing, International Journal of Parallel Programming, Scalable Computing: Practice and Experience, Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory, Computers & Electrical Engineering, International Journal of High Performance Computing, PeerJ Computer Science. and The Computer Journal.

I am member of the Program Committee of the following conferences: HPCC2011, ISPA2012, HPCC2012, EUROMPI2013, ISPA2013, HPCC2013, ICA3PP2014, ISPA2014, EUROMPI2014, EUROPAR2014, C4BIO2014, CSE2014, CIT2015, ICA3PP2015, and EUROMPI2015.

I am interested in supervising PhD. students in any of the research areas depicted in the research section. For further details, please, contact me at this email address.


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