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  • Embedding ratio estimation of MB2 based on relativity of intra-block pixels.

    • Lu Jicang, Liu Fenlin, Qian Sijin, Dai Hui and Chen Jingning.
  • Smoothlink: towards a web-based media context migration environment.

    • Urko Serrano, Flutra Osmani and Björn Knutsson.
  • Client-Server Architecture and Algorithms for Ubiquitous Video Service.

    • Ronit Nossenson, Orit Yudilevich and Omer Markowitz.
  • Information hiding of two-dimensional code by multi-layer optical.

    • Nobuyuki Teraura and Kouichi Sakurai.
  • Dynamic multimedia creation using knowledge content driven database.

    • Angel Martin, Haritz Iribas, Ion Alberdi and Naiara Aginako.
  • Building Active Content for Multimedia Embedded Systems.

    • Ichiro Satoh.
  • Adaptive Computation Offloading from Mobile Devices into the Cloud.

    • Dejan Kovachev, Tian Yu and Ralf Klamma.
  • Space-aware Design Factors for Located Learning Activities Supported with Smart Phones.

    • Patricia Santos Rodriguez, Mar Perez-Sanagustín, Davinia Hernndez-Leo and Josep Blat.
  • Real time face detection based on motion and skin color information.

    • Mliki Hazar, Hammami Mohamed and Ben-Abdallah Hanêne.
  • Semantically Augmented Exploitation of Pervasive Environments by Intelligent Agents.

    • Salvatore Venticinque, Alba Amato and Beniamino Di Martino.
  • Simulation and Support of Critical Activities by Mobile Agents in Pervasive and Ubiquitous Scenarios.

    • Rocco Aversa, Beniamino Di Martino, Massimo Ficco and Salvatore Venticinque.
  • Dynamic Interaction Models for Web Enabled Wireless Sensor Networks.

    • Cecília Gomes, Hervé Paulino, Adérito Baptista and Filipe Araújo.

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